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Free Consultation

To make sure you are happy with the service I am offering and to enable me to meet your pet and assess their needs, I will visit you and your pet. During this meeting, I hope to be able to reassure you that your pet will be my priority and will be cared for at all times whilst in my care. Whether you choose to have your dog walked, toileted, or boarded, this meeting will give us both a chance to get to know each other, and most importantly for your pet to become familiar with me.

If you would like your dog to be cared for in my home, either as day care or overnight, I welcome you to visit me at home and to bring your dog to meet Boss. Again, this is a perfect opportunity for your pet to become familiar with my surroundings, which will help them settle when staying.

In my experience, dogs adapt to new routines and surrounding very quickly. Their survival instincts enable them to assess and settle once they feel safe. When a dog is boarding it can be a little unsettled for the first day or so, but once this time has lapsed, a dog will treat my home, as theirs. If they visit often, they will look forward to this time. Remember, it's in my best interests for your dog to be happy in my home. If they are happy, so am I.


Why work with Parks 'n' Barks?

  • Full public liability insurance
  • Shepway District Council Home Care Boarding licence
  • Friendly home environment
  • Vented Air conditioned transport
  • Secure 2 acre paddock for walks / training